About Us

We are a family business

The Isoflor group of companies is one hundred percent family business. This fact has always determined our company culture and in the future will also be a solid foundation for our success.

For us, independence means being able to make decisions quickly and independently.

As a family business, we largely strive for freedom of decision-making and freedom of action in all our activities. The basis for this is our financial independence, which we achieve through stable economic management and retention of profits in the company.

The pronounced diversification of our company group contributes to independence from market fluctuations in individual industries or markets. Independence for us also means that we know key technologies to the smallest detail.

For us, long-term stability and reliability are essential.

We maintain close cooperation with our clients and partners, full of trust and honesty. At the same time, it is not the short-term success that is important to us, but the long-term perspective.

We offer high quality products and services with real added value and benefit. The rule always applies to us: Only when our customers and partners are satisfied, then we can be satisfied. With this attitude, we have grown steadily over the years since our founding in 2006.

We work systematically to always be one step ahead.

For 14 years now, Isoflor, as a manufacturer of all its products with reliable suppliers from Europe, has been pursuing high goals for the Bulgarian market. We can provide every customer with available materials and colors as well as the highest quality products.

Isoflor is also synonymous with successful idea management. Based on the available resources, we are constantly improving in all areas of the company.
We encourage the creativity of our employees and accept the most difficult technological challenges ourselves. The decentralized structure of our company allows us to react flexibly to market signals in global competition and to quickly implement our ideas.

We support technological progress on behalf of our customers. Every year we invest significant funds in developing new innovative ones so that we can pave new paths and set new trends.