Methyl Methacrylate - MMA Flooring


The company works with materials with the brand DEGADUR, produced by the German concern EVONIK INDUSTRIES AG.

DEGADUR industrial floors are characterized by their exceptional strength, durability, flawless appearance and long service life.

The short time for laying the industrial floorings and their fast hardening, ready for full load after only 2 hours makes them preferred by many companies around the world.

Dry room system DEGADUR 418/527

Especially suitable for colored floors or floors sprinkled with chips, smooth floors in mostly dry rooms.

The surfaces can be decorated according to the customer's wishes, they are resistant to wear and easy to clean.

The thickness of the coating is from 1 to 5 mm. depending on the requirements.

Areas of application: supermarkets and shops, industrial and commercial sites, exhibition areas, offices, corridors, halls and laboratories and various other applications.

Elastic system DEGADUR 332/529

Suitable for minus cameras and outdoor areas. Elastic non-slip surface.
Minimum thickness of the coating - 5 mm.

Areas of application: minus refrigerators, deep-freeze chambers, shock tunnels, external ramps, open areas, terraces, etc.

Wet room system DEGADUR 418/526

It is especially suitable, easy to clean, non-slip and hygienic surface. DEGADUR 526 is characterized by its high wear resistance and very good resistance to hot water and grease.

The layers of DEGADUR 418/526 are particularly suitable for the food industry.

Coating thickness from 2 to 5 mm. depending on the coverage.

Areas of application: poultry and fish production, milk and cheese processing, canneries , wine production, breweries, bottling companies and kitchens.