Polyurethane Flooring

IZOPUR is a solvent-free, polyurethane flooring that withstands loads in the industrial field.

The elastic IZOPUR flooring provides higher protection against impact, higher protection against scratches. Chemically resistant and highly wear resistant.

IZOPUR is assessed as harmless to health and the environment. There is no odor during application, which makes it particularly suitable for areas in the food industry, health and hospital facilities, as well as indoors such as industrial, warehouse and distribution halls, workshops, sewage treatment plants, schools, hospitals, laboratories , shops, etc. It is applied mainly on a concrete base and mosaics.

IZOPUR is very suitable for old compromised concrete. With its elasticity it becomes resistant to subsequent cracks on the base.

For professionals, the product is extremely filling and easy to operate.

IZOPUR certifies the conformity of the process.

Polyurethane resin-based floor systems suitable for use in production facilities that meet HACCP precondition programs and GMP requirements.

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Technical Data - IZOPUR SL
Complete curing at 20°C. 7 days
Application thickness 1-3mm.
Compressive force 69 N/mm2
Reaction to fire NPD
Bonding strength 0,8N/mm2
Temperature resistance up to +70°C (at 4 mm.)
Surface hardness 600 N/mm2
Wear resistance according to Borme 1.5 cm3/50cm2
Bending force 10.2 N/mm2
Water permeability is impermeable
Impact resistance 20.8 N.m